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Hybrid On-Air Host & Producer - YouTube & Digital Platforms

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Cincinnati, Ohio, United States

Chat Sports is a leading live and on-demand sports video entertainment network, featuring over 35 shows on YouTube that cater to dedicated fan bases of NFL, NBA, and college football teams. As we expand our reach and content, we're excited to announce a hybrid role that combines the dynamic capabilities of an On-Air Host with the technical and creative prowess of a Digital Video Producer. This role is pivotal in driving our mission to engage and grow our audience across multiple platforms, including a significant partnership with Amazon for Alexa-exclusive NFL shows.

Cowboys Report | Chat Sports | Raiders Report | Bears Now | 49ers Report | Dolphins Today | Giants Now and of course, Bengals Breakdown - our full lineup can be found by clicking ‘View all’ in the ‘Featured’ section here: Chat Sports YouTube channels

The Role:
We are seeking a talented and versatile individual to serve as both an On-Air Host and a Producer. This dual role is designed for a sports media professional who can seamlessly navigate between engaging on-camera work and behind-the-scenes production. You will serve as the on-air host for Bengals Breakdown on YouTube, requiring extensive knowledge of the team. In your production duties, you’ll collaborate with hosts covering a variety of NFL and college football teams that we have daily shows for.

On-Air Host:

- Serve as the face and voice of Bengals Breakdown (and likely a team-focused college football show) bringing energy, insight, and passion to every broadcast

- Develop and deliver compelling content that informs, entertains, and engages your audience

- Collaborate with the show Producer on script development, graphics creation, and show planning to ensure a seamless and dynamic viewer experience


- Oversee the end-to-end production process for live and on-demand shows, including pre-production planning, live production execution, and post-production editing and distribution

- Operate production software, make real-time editorial decisions, and manage graphics creation, fact-checking, and studio setup

- Contribute to marketing and social media distribution efforts, leveraging SEO and social media expertise to maximize reach and engagement

- Deep current and historical knowledge of the Bengals and the overall NFL, with the ability to cover a wide range of topics and storylines

- Prior on-air experience, with a strong camera presence and the ability to deliver content engagingly and confidently without a teleprompter

- 1-2 years of experience producing a podcast, radio, TV or YouTube show, with proficiency in live production software and basic video editing (iMovie or similar)

- Experience working with (or using): Microsoft Office or Google Docs/Sheets, Dropbox, Windows, MacOS

- Excellent research, writing, and communication skills, with a knack for storytelling and audience engagement

- Above average knowledge of SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

- A self-starter attitude, strong work ethic, and the ability to work weekends and evenings, especially during football season (preseason through Super Bowl)

This role requires working from our Cincinnati, OH studio, with no remote or work-from-home arrangements available. 

What We Offer:
- A unique opportunity to shape the future of sports entertainment by blending on-camera talent with production expertise

- Competitive health, dental, vision, and PTO benefits, plus daily team lunches on the company's dime

- A dynamic, collaborative work environment where your contributions are valued and celebrated

Submit your resume and a cover letter

Please include links to your on-camera work, any relevant digital content you've produced, and your social media accounts that you’d use in this role. 

Expect multiple rounds of auditions to showcase your dual capabilities as an on-air personality and producer.